What we do

The following boxes explain the process of building your own personal mosaic.


The first stage of building your photo mosaic is to decide what picture it should resemble - the photo chosen for this is called the "target".

Then add your photos that you want to make up the mosaic. We then use these images to build the best possible mosaic, starting with just a handful of photos....

As more photos are added, the mosaic is repeatedly re-built. With each build, the quality of the mosaic gets better...


... and better...

... and better...

... until finally, it is complete.

You can order your completed mosaic from our online shop in various paper or canvas products.

Mosaics are a great way of marking an occasion such as a wedding, graduation from school or university, or perhaps competing in a large sports event such as a marathon. You can add all the photos yourself, or set one up so that family and friends can contribute theirs - the choice is yours.

zumyn mosaics are unique in that we don't require your photos to be duplicated, we don't need to heavily colour your photos, and we don't leave any photos out. We feel this makes the most interesting mosaics.

To see more examples, you can take a look at our gallery or just go ahead and create your own!