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About Us

1. What is zumyn and how much does it cost to use?

2. How do you pronounce zumyn?

3. What is a photo mosaic?

4. Why would I want to build a zumyn mosaic?

5. Once my mosaic is built, can I get it printed?

Building a Mosaic

6. How do I get my photos to you? Can I post you a CD?

7. How many photos do I need for a mosaic?

8. Can I import photos from my flickr account?

9. Can I import photos of myself and my friends from facebook?

10. Can I import photos from any other photo services?

11. Can you provide photos to go in to my mosaic?

12. Can I still build a mosaic if I don't have enough photos?

13. Why does it take so many photos?

14. So how do I go about building my own mosaic?

15. Can I change my mind about what the target image should be once I've started building my mosaic?

16. Do I need to download or install anything on my computer to use zumyn?

17. What format do my photos need to be in?

18. Do all my photos need to be the same size?

19. Should I resize/compress my photos before uploading?

20. When I zoom in to my mosaic it looks all blurry, will it be like this when you print it?


21. Will anyone else be able to see my photos or use them in their mosaics?

22. Can I remove my mosaic and/or my photos from your site permanently?

23. Will you give my e-mail address out to any third parties?

Ordering a Print

24. How do I order a print of my mosaic?

25. Can I print my mosaic out myself at home?

26. Can I order a digital version of my mosaic?

27. I want to order multiple copies of a mosaic, can I get a discount?

28. Do you ship internationally?

29. Do you offer an express delivery option?

30. Can I order a larger/smaller print?

Gift Vouchers

31. How do your gift vouchers work?

32. I really need my voucher in a hurry as it's a last minute present, can you help?

33. Can I upgrade my voucher that I received?

34. Can I downgrade my voucher to get some money back or exchange it for cash?

35. I've lost my voucher but it's still unexpired, can you help me?


36. Can I send you my photos on a cd/dvd?

37. Can you scan printed photos for me?

38. What do I do if I can't remember my password?

39. How are the photos in your photo library attributed to their owners?